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Character Sheets / Kara Frost
« on: April 23, 2017, 01:59:21 PM »
Kara Frost

Sgt Sharpshooter


Full name: Marie Kara Frost
Age: 28 years old
Nationality: French / German


Kara is 5'8, slender and athletic. She would qualify as curvy with a generous, but not large, breast and hips. Her body is toned with long lithe limbs. Kara's hair is brown with natural  lighter highlights. Even though she tends to keep it braided or tied on the back of her head, her hair has a natural curl to it and when loose, it flows almost to half her back. She has hazel eyes, a small, slightly upturned nose and beautiful shapely lips.


Being a female sniper makes her a rare breed. When Kara is on the job, she is quiet, focused, and introvert. She barely speaks unless required to, and she doesn't like company. She is more of a loner than a team player but she takes orders just as well as the next soldier. When she is not working, Kara is far more approachable. It might be a challenge to get her to laugh and let loose but it is feasible. She is a very serious person, all in all, very contained and controlled, disciplined. She is incredibly patient. The good side is that it's just as difficult to get her angry or violent as it is to get her to laugh aloud and let loose. She is not haunted by her kills, though she has killed humans before, but killing a human being never left her cold, no matter the training.


Years of service with XCOM: 4 years
Prior military service: 5 years (rebel Faction, not actual military)

Weapon Proficiency:
Marksmanship with a sniper rifle (Very good)
Rifle (above Average)
Pistol (above average)

Other skills:
Basic piloting skills
Hang gliding
Speaks fluent German and French
Yoga Instructor


Kara is born of a French mother in Hamburg, Germany. The woman was married to a German man and thus, Kara came to be. Growing up, Kara showed no sign that she was any different than the average kid, if not that she seemed to have a very good eye and a very good aim. When she was of age to understand how to handle firearms, Kara was taken into the country with her father to hunt. What her father did not expect was that she would be the one coming back home with a kill under her belt, not him.

A lot changed when the Aliens came. First is was terror, and then it was about being overrun, and finally, the council that was the last stand between the Alien domination and human freedom caved in. Life changed, and after a while it seemed to become better. Her father, however, never really swallowed the pill, and he joined the rebels as soon as he could, bring his daughter and wife with him to live at the fringe of society.

Kara being an introvert, she never had many friends but she was rarely alone. The friends that she allowed into her inner circle were close ones with whom she shared everything. Boys were not lacking either. An early bloomer, she caught eyes early one and also learned quickly to weed out the bad seeds. There were only a handful that made it past her natural walls, and Kara was happy that way.

When time came for her to take her place among the rebels, she had already made a name for herself with her natural marksmanship skill, and these were honed and trained by an old pal of her father who had been a sniper for the German Military, back when it was still in function. She trained hard and had a few kills under her belt when the Skyranger landed at the edge of town, inviting the rebels who wanted to fight to join their cause. Kara was the first in line - well after she climbed down from her perch, that is - and never looked back.

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