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Character Sheets / Sarah Miren
« on: June 06, 2017, 10:23:20 PM »
Sarah Miren



Full name: Sarah Audrey Miren
Age: 24
Place of birth: Raccoon City
Infected: No


She considers herself short, at 5'6, and Sarah wished that she could have a good three inches more but also be a bit stronger in build, especially once the city goes to hell.  She has long brown hair that go down a few inches past her shoulder. Her large pale blue eyes once gave her an air of innocence, but are now haunted by what she has seen. Even though she has a rather delicate build, Sarah does not lack in curves but she wouldn't qualify as generous. She's lean, athletic, and used to run a few miles every day to keep in shape.


Sarah was in school to be a doctor, and a damn good one. She's empathic, and a good listener. She's also hard to make panic and blood doesn't make her squeamish. She's kind, and when she's had a good day or is somewhere that she feels safe, Sarah is the kind of woman who enjoys a good laugh, and tease. With a cool head on her shoulders, she responds to fear with something of an analytic mind, calculating her best chances of survival. She's a quick decision maker, has a very strong will, and she's a glass half full kind of gal.


Profession before Raccoon City Incident: Intern in Raccoon City General Hospital
Survival skills:
  • Medical knowledge
  • Sneaks very well
  • Unconventional thinking may lead her to find caches of food or weapon.
  • Shooting a rifle and a handgun, thanks to her dad.
Other skills:
  • Cooking something decent with surprisingly little

Sarah's mother disappeared less than a year after giving birth, leaving her boyfriend with this tiny girl. Lucky for Sarah, her father had more solid family values and stuck with her through good and bad. She was a good kid, though. Never really in trouble, or each time she was caught it was something minor, she was good in school, responsible at home, a dream child for a single father. At least until she became a teenager.

Boys began to happen and that freaked dad out a bit more than it should. Having become a father at a very young age, he did not want Sarah to live the same hard life than he had, but he had raised her well. The moment Sarah decided that she could be adult, however, no amount of curfew would get her home by 10. Grounding her was like trying to catch a slippery eel with your bare hands... It did not help that he had a job that had odd hours and he was not there to make sure that she was there in time, or that she would stay home when grounded.

She was about sixteen when the life-changing event, the first one, happened. Someone thought that the house was empty and broke in to steal the few valuables of the household. Sarah tried to scare the robbers away, but it did not turn out as intended. The cops, whom she had called before going downstairs to confront boys she  thought were schoolmates, arrived in time to stop the beating before she had anything broken, but Sarah showed up in school a few days later with quite a few visible bruises, and a sling for a dislocated shoulders.

Her father taught her how to use the gun that he kept in his room, and later to use a rifle when she appeared to share his interest in firearms. Should someone ever try to attack her in their home again, she would be prepared. That fateful night had a second effect on Sarah. She discovered herself a new found respect for the medical profession and renewed her efforts for great scores in school. It paid off; she was accepted in her community college, to become a generalist.

She met with Andrew on the first week in College. he was a year ahead of her in the same field and they hit it off quickly. After a year, they moved in together, and another year again, they were engaged. All was well in the world, or so she thought. She saw signs, little things happening increasingly often, that led her to think that Andrew might have someone else on the side... until she came to believe that even though they were engaged, she had become that woman "on the side." Andrew was always too tired, had no patience for her when something displeased him, things that they used to like to do together he was now avoiding.

The day before the outbreak, Sarah was walking in the downtown area on her own. She had gone and watched a movie with a friend and was now pondering what to do with the relationship when the answer presented itself to her. On the other side of a restaurant he had always claimed was too pricey for them to try, Andrew sat with another woman, holding hands over the table. She stood there for a couple of minutes so that she would not jump to conclusions, but when he looked over his shoulder at her, the look on his face said everything.

Sarah walked home, not listening to his explanations. She packed her things, her share of their household, gave her father a call and moved back into her old room to nurse her wounded heart but it took her a few hours to realize that the lack of broken heart, of tears, wasn't due to denial. It had been over the moment she had begun to doubt him. The morning of the second life-changing event found Sarah getting ready for her shift at the hospital when the chaos reached her father's home.

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