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« on: April 22, 2017, 07:30:12 PM »

  • Register a parent account, this may be any non-offensive name.
  • Register one sub-account per character, in proper capitalization.
  • As rating oblige, you must be at least 16 to register.


  • Must be 16 years old, or their racial equivalent.
  • Create a balanced characters, with flaws and weaknesses.
  • Fill all the required fields of the character sheet, after the [/b].
  • Characters may be of any species, gender and orientation.
  • Characters may be represented by real people or 3D rendering. No anime.


  • No godmodding.
  • No metagaming.
  • No powerplaying .
  • Post should be written at the third person.
  • Time is fluid. You may involve your character in more than one thread, but be sure that they are not in two places at  the same time.
  • Threads should be tagged as "Mature" and/or "Closed" or "Open" in their description.
    • Mature Threads: contain potential trigger, explicit sexual content, heavy violence.
    • Open threads: all may join, no permission required.
    • Closed threads: private, ask permission in PM before joining.
  • There is no word count, but try to give as much as you get in content for your partner to work with.


  • The GM's word is law in their game. They are members of the staff.
  • Should a problem arise between GM and player and cannot be resolved in a civil manner, get an admin involved.


  • Avatar is 150px wide by 200px high.
  • Signature should not contain offensive material.
  • Signature should be no bigger than 650px wide by 300px high.
  • potentially offensive images in post should be hidden in spoilers.

Images posted that are against the rules will be removed an a warning will be issued.

Final Words

Gamers' Multiverse will work with the rule of three strikes. Warning one, no other consequence. Warning two, posts are moderated. Third strike is followed by a ban. The Admin's decision is final. We strive to be fair, as this place is meant to be adult, laidback and drama-free. It aims to allow all the latitude for creativity to flourish.

Thank you and welcome to Gamers' Multiverse!
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