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Description: Please use in your request

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1x1 Request Template
« on: May 24, 2017, 03:49:24 PM »
Request found not using this template will have their content sent by PM to the author, and the thread deleted.

Subject: Name of the Videogame
Description: Short blurb of idea
Code: [Select]
[app]Game [/app]
Specifics about the videogame, which installment, etc.

[app]Ideas [/app]
What is the main idea of that thread, the quest, the goal

what character would be needed for your story. Anything specific you would like the character to be, such as skill set, age range, even suggest face claim if you want, etc.

[app]My Character[/app]
Any information you want to share about your character.

[app]Other notes[/app]
Any information about you, about the game, the rating, posting speed, etc. that you would prefer.


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