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Description: High Elf, Mage (Pyromancer)

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Sefria Murin
« on: June 06, 2017, 01:41:20 PM »
Sefria Murin

Guardian Mage


Full name: Sefriella Murin
Age: 102
Race: High Elf
Gender: Female


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Sefria is about 5'9 in height and slight of build, with legs that just won't quit. She is slender, though her body certainly doesn't like in feminine curves. She has a thick mane fiery red hair, that fall to the small of her back in loose curls. Her eyes are a deep emerald green, and are the door to her souls with how much of her emotions can be seen in them. She has a beautiful, delicate oval face with a straight nose over dark raspberry-colored, plump lips.


Sefria has a calm, hard to anger demeanor. She can be perceived as aloof, when it fact she simply keeps a very tight control on her temper because when it flares so does the fire. Being a mage has taught her discipline, focus and control, but that doesn't mean that this high-elf doesn't hit the Sanctum's tavern once in a while to get wasted on Ale (and as such, very grumpy the next morning).

She is a good friend, a good listener. She loves men, loves to flirt with them, and she's been good about remaining without strings attached so far but in her heart she knows why. She's a true romantic, wishes to find Mr. Right, that guy who is perfect for her. Until she stumble upon the man who will steal her her heart, however, she's not going to remain celibate


Class: Mage
Soul: Pyromancer
Class-related skills:
  • Firewall
  • Fireball
  • Burning bonds (Roots the enemy)
  • Firestorm
  • Fireshield
Crafting skills:
  • Apotecary, creates potions, filters and tonics
Other skills:
  • Fishing, she's not very good but she loves it
  • Cooking, she's very decent
  • Needlepoint, just a hobby when there's no rift to close.

Sefria lived most of her life in Silverwood. She was born there, raised and went to Quicksilver College as soon as she was allowed to. Her years there as a student are remembered fondly to this day. She was a good student, eager to learn and the arcane arts came easily to her. It is some  time during those years that she discovered three very important things. First, that she had an uncanny affinity with fire, second that she loved men and third that sometimes using her assets to get out of trouble paid off.

Once she became adult, her affinity with fire developed further and she met the requirement to become a Pyromancer. Freed to see the world by her own means, Sefria traveled as far as she could. She went visiting the snowy norther reaches, the green plains of the east, desert of the south, or canyons to the west, until home called to her again in the form of a letter from Quicksilver College. Another young woman showed an affinity with the plane of Fire, like her, and so she went to help... And all hell broke loose on her second day as a teacher.

After fighting a losing battle against the Dragons, Sefria managed to reach the portal that would send her black as an ascended, in the beginning, before the Dragons became so powerful. Aware that she was one of many ascended, she began to study the tears and the rifts that followed, convinced that laid in them at least part of the answers to preventing the end  of the world as she had known it for close to a hundred years...
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